Dance Like Demons

by Cosmic Affaire

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Dance Like Demons is the product of restless nights, my experiences with love and tragedy, friends, and caffeine addiction.


released November 20, 2014

Special thanks to my loved ones and friends who have supported me and stuck with me all these years: JCJ, Mom, Morgan, Rain, Ryan, Sabrina, Galvez, Kynna, and anyone else who knows I love them.




Cosmic Affaire Spring, Texas

Dance with me.

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Track Name: Dance Like Demons
Yesterday you looked out of place, I thought I'd save a seat for you.

And your eyes, they were sinking fast. I tried to save them from sinking.

Please talk, your lips will undress my thoughts(alone alone alone)

Please talk, your silence flutters like moths do.

And your ribcage feels like home to my hands,

your last note lives in the box on your nightstand.

With a smile I write this note to you, loving tears are falling from the thought of you. Don't forget these words before I go, my love. My death will never mean that you're alone, I swear.

Fall like lovers, dance like demons.
Track Name: Miss Petite
I'm so sick of all these monsters in my closet

I couldn't be any more scared than this

Hungry ghosts make their beds inside my walls here

The room is filled with absence, except your dress

Oh, you walk like a cat, but you dance like a mannequin

And your cigarette fills your lungs with carcinogens

All the world is a stage, dyed red from the bloodstains

All the world is a bottle, dyed red from the lips on your face

The shadows slow down time

Teeth and glowing eyes hide in the corners of my mind

I can't rest my eyes

Haunted by old photographs, but your words, they shine

Miss petite, whisper in my ear again,it's like hide and seek, you're here, gone, and back again. Oh, miss petite, your eyes shine like moonlight, dance with my thoughts on a starry night. Miss petite, don't run away again.

I didn't mean to break my bones, say hello to the love that you once knew

I didn't mean to break my fall, say hello to the love that you once knew

I didn't mean to break your heart, say hello to the love that you once knew

Your heat's in pieces, but you'll be fine. Spend them on a former friend of mine.
Track Name: The Pathway Home
You hang your head in shame

All caught up in a mortal display

Do these poison words frighten you?

Because the noose around her neck tightens just for you

I want to smile, she wants to sing, could heaven be right under our feet?
I sing along, the air tastes sweet. Could heaven be right under our feet?

Flowers adorn the walls

The door I came from seems so very small

And even with our eyes closed, our hands still meet

Cold, but still warmer than the winter-kissed street

Oh, I'd find my way along that street

Just to walk back again

The story has been bought and sold

But I know, I know, this one hasn't been told

Can't you see my path's not made of gold?

The cracks that crawl around me are so eloquently old

And I'm so happy that your timid truth helped me find the pathway home.
Track Name: Prayers of Ghosts

Never mind saving grace, you were safe in my room

Picture frames, old mistakes, for heaven's sake. Tracks of trains in my room

Grab me by the arm and take me with you through the dark

step through dim lit halls with me, we'll feel our way with feather feet

I wish you were here, or I were there, or we were together anywhere

Live a little, give up your ghost, darling.

Darling, we're not meant to start a war, dancing with you is what I'm looking for. Try to do this with me, come on we'll just sing.

Dried up hands, please close the door

I won't be here long, I won't be here long

Whisper plans, and I want more

So we sing along, so we sing along

Every now and then I pray you'll get the most of every day

Hold on, hold on

Every now and then I see the lillies smile for you and me

Love on, love on

The night is ours love (we can dream)

So let's get started (let's make history)

I'll take your hand, love (we can do anything)

So let's just clap our hands and stomp our feet and sing

Na na na na na, we sing

Na na na na na, we dance

[I feel that no matter what I choose to become, I believe that I can change the world. And as I'm striving to change the world, I will be happy.]

I want to smile, you want to sing

Miss petite please whisper to me

With a smile I write this note to you

So let's dance like demons